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Response to [Whack gestures: inexact and inattentive …] by Hudson et al.

One Sentence

The paper presents whack gestures – a class of mobile input techniques whose actions demand little exactness and attention from the user.

More Sentences

The paper gives examples of such gestures where whacking the phone signals the beginning/ending of a gesture and another whacking/wiggling/no_actions frames the gesture. The implementation used the accelerometer and, as proved in an experiment, yields little false positives.

Key Points & Take-Away

  • Whack Gestures, an inexact and inattentive interaction technique… without the use of fine motor skills or detailed visual attention.
  • “While this clearly does not cover all of the ways such devices are carried, it does provide an initial feasibility test for the approach.” -> very nice way to say “hey, this is limited; but it’s still reasonable as first steps”.
  • What I don’t get in the experiment is the participants’ 2-hour of walking out with the device before told to perform the gesture (and only 3 times). Why need to collect ‘baseline data’ given that the system is already implemented and in place? Why separate the ‘walking out’ and the performing of the gestures – these gestures should have been performed during walking out in ‘normal routine’, right?
  • “reduce the false positive rate by three orders of magnitude” – a more convincing way of saying how much your work improves the previous.

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