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虎豹之鞟猶犬羊之鞟 (with English)

棘子成曰:“君子質而已矣, 何以文為?”子貢曰:“惜乎!夫子之說君子也。駟不及舌。文猶質也,質猶文也。虎豹之鞟猶犬羊之鞟。”

棘子成說:“君子有品質就够了,要文質做什麽?” 子貢說:“可惜呀!夫子您這麼形容君子。一言既出駟馬難追。品質和文質一樣重要。虎豹如果去除了皮毛上的斑紋,和犬羊的皮毛有什麽區別呢?”

Jin Zicheng says, “If suffices for Junzi’s (the superior man) to have good personality and characters, why caring about appearance and behavior?” Zigong says, “What a shame! How could you interpret the concept of Junzi in this way? You’d better be a man of your words. Personality/characters are of equal importance as appearance/behavior. A tiger or leopard’s skin without its unique stripes is no different from the skin of a dog and a sheep.”


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