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Response to [The design of GUI paradigm… ] by Kurtenbach et al.

One Sentence

This paper introduced a T3 paradigm to approach user interface design: based on Tablets, enabling Two-handed interactions to add to the freedom of input, and using Transparency to maintain focus on the main work space.

More Sentences

Such paradigm addresses three design goals:

  1. Artwork: Maximize the amount of screen used for artwork;
  2. Focus: Avoid forcing the user to divert their visual attention from the artwork;
  3. Input: Increase the degrees of manipulation and comfort of input.

Key Point

The writing:

  • While this design approach has been very successful it does create some design tensions
  • (Very good way to say what the built application is for) Our goal was not to produce a full featured drawing program but rather to provide enough functions to “outline” the experimental paradigm;
  • … a ToolGlass tracks the ND puck (which means moving the ND puck moves the ToolGlass);


  • For the “Both button pressed: the artwork zooms in/out according to the movement of the pucks relative to one another…” –> how about accidentally triggering such input, e.g., ND press to pan the artwork and then D press to draw (very similar to the zooming operation).
  • To me it is not very clear what ‘high quality’ means. How to define, validate and quantify ‘quality’?
  • The concepts of ‘functions’:
    • The functions provided by the application;
    • The functions perceived by the users.
  • What’s the definition of two-handed interaction? What’s two-handed interaction with a mobile devices? Is it one hand holding the device and the other touching, or both hands touching?

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