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Response to [Interactive Sketching …] by Landay & Myers

One Sentence

This paper introduced a tool that allowed for designing an interface by sketching it on a computer which streamlined several scattered design phases, e.g., generating ideas, building interfaces, specifying behaviors etc.

More Sentences

The main goal the paper is to explore ‘sketching user interface’. The methodology consists of several aspects: first, an analysis of existing design tools and practices – why they are necessary and what are the drawbacks; second, proposing ‘electronic sketching’ – a concept that integrates and counterbalances several existing design phases; third, a survey targeting potential users to elicit what designers need and how they would like to use the proposed tool; fourth, details of designing and constructing such a tool, including how to implement sketched widgets.

Key Points

Development stages and the tools:

  1. Brainstorming – paper sketches
  2. Prototyping – prototyping tools
  3. Programming/testing – user interface builders


How about sketching ubiquitous computing? Can we sketch the floor plan of a room, and interact with it from the physical environment? How about a mobile device? Can we have a kind of ‘proxy’ object where we can ‘sketch’ on it to make it behave like a device?


In another paper ‘Sketching Storyboards to Illustrate Interface Behavior’, Landay and Myers developed SILK to support electronic storyboarding. The key to this feature is visual notation: they used arrows to indicate which UI elements cause switching to which screens.


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