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Response to [The Way We May Think] by Vannevar Bush


  • Look at how the author articulates the future vision only via writing. Look at how he walks through the process of using future technology, proving that he was not merely speculating; but actually had worked hard to figure out how such visionary idea would work.
  • Look at how the author unfeld his vision. First he knew something that was working at that time, and how it worked. Then he extended the idea behind the existing technology, based on how that technology could not limit the idea, but could be scaled up or transferred to realize it.
  • Look at how he discovered one problem after another, and how he managed to weave a holistic image from pieces of thoughts.

Key Points

  • For many years inventions have extended man’s physical powers rather than the powers of his mind.
  • The advanced arithmetical machines of the future will be electrical in nature, and they will perform at 100 times present speeds, or more.
  • … the creative aspect of thinking is concerned only with the selection of the data and the process to be employed.
  • Whenever logical processes of thought are employed – that is, whenever thought for a time runs along an accepted groove – there is an opportunity for the machine.
  • … it may be well to mention one such possibility, not prophesy but merely to suggest, for prophecy based on extension of the known has substance, while prophecy founded on the unknown is only a doubly involved guess.
  • In the outside world, all forms of intelligence, whether of sound or sight, have been reduced to the form of varying currents in an electric circuit in order that they may be transmitted.
  • Must we always transform to mechanical movements in order to proceed from one electrical phenomenon to another?

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