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Response to [SideBySide: Ad-hoc Multi-user… ] by Willis et al.

One Sentence

This paper introduced an technique of  using handheld projectors to realize multi-user interaction without instrumentalizing the environment.

(“We introduce SideBySide, a system designedfor ad-hoc multi-user interaction with handheld projectors.”)

More Sentences

The basic idea is: each projector emits and receives fiducial markers using infra-red light. The spatial relationship of the marker images serves as the interaction input. Each projector only needs to observe different users’ markers to sense each other’s actions, thus dispensing with any sorts of network communication.

Key Points


  • Mobile+MultiUsers seems an exciting area;
  • Throughout the paper, there are occasional pure participant-free quantitative test, e.g., “We recorded the transmission time of 100 event markers while both projectors were in a static position…”;
  • The LIMITATIONS AND TRADEOFFS is the the blue print for writing such sections;

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