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Notes of [NaviRadar: A Tactile… ] by Rumelin et al.

One Sentence

This paper presented a pedestrian navigation method of using tactile feedback to inform users 1) the direction to the destination and; 2) the distance to the next turning point.

(“We introduce NaviRadar: an interaction technique for mobile phones that uses a radar metaphor in order to communicate the user’s correct direction for crossings along a desired route.”)


[About Writing]

  • Note the first paragraph of the Introduction – very nice background intro;
  • Note the beginning of the second paragraph in the introduction – clearly state the technological goal (and contribution);
  • Each study section starts with stating the goal;

[About Study]

  • The logic of their two study:
    • The goal is to navigate, the derived goal is to tell users 1) the distance to the next crossing (where the user has to turn) and the direction in which to travel.
    • The first study studied the subgoal; the second studied the goal;
    • Question: if they get rid of the first study, is that ok?
  • What to stress in the first study?
    • The variations of a simple, proposed technique;

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