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Response to [Beep: 3D Indoor…] by Mandal et al.

One Sentence

Mandal et al. developed a cheap, easily deployable and universally compatible location system for indoor use where they let any roaming device (such as a PDA) emit audible sound, which is then received by a network of acoustic sensors and used by a central server to calculate the distance (through time-of-flight) and triangulate the device’s 3D location.

More Sentences

Their results show a 2-ft accuracy in over 97% 2D cases, and a 3-ft accuracy in 95% of the 3D cases.

Key Points

* Previous work related to the development of indoor location systems can be broadly classified on the basis of the media used to sense location.

* ([8]) In this location architecture, one of several listeners detects the acoustic signal and reports the signal characteristics to a central server. The aim is to identify the room in which the user is located.

* We observed that these devices introduce a significant delay caused by the sound card. Therefore, the perceived time-of-flight is greater than the real time-of-flight.


* Writing style:

** (First paragraph brief background, second paragraph) In this paper our goal is to develop a cheap, easily deployable and universally compatible location…

** In our attempt to build a location… (to state methods after goal)

** Previous work… can be broadly classified on the basis of (to state how you categorize and organize related work)

* What’s the difference between tracking receiver (environment emitting sound) and tracking sound source (environment set up with sensors)?

–> Maybe try both?


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