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Response to [Mnemonical Body Shortcuts …] by Guerreiro et al.


Guerreiro et al. designed a set of mnemonical body shortcuts for mobile phone users to quickly access and retrieve applications by moving the device from their chests to a number of designated body parts (Guerreiro, Gamboa, et al. 2009). In their preliminary user studies, they found a number of common associations between body parts and application (Figure 8), which serves as the basis of body shortcuts design. In addition to the early RFID-based mock-up, they presented two accelerometer-based prototypes to approach a better technical solution. The first prototype is position-based: with chest as the starting point, the movement of device is calculated and the rotation helps identify final position. The other prototype is feature based: Machine Learning methods are applied to the device coordinates and signal amplitudes to reason the gestures accordingly.


1. Common techniques to booth mobile phone interactions: RFID, Accelerometers, Cameras, Touch Screens, Electromyography, Capacitive Sensing, Infrared Laser beams.

2. Preliminary interviews: first part with questions about current habits on mobile phone interaction and in a second part where users were asked to reach the most used applications and contacts.

3. In user observation, results show that people needed an average of 4 key strokes to access the 3 most used applications and 5 key strokes to call the 3 most used contacts.


1. One way to phrase the problems of current mobile device – even the use context is so different from desktop computers, the interface remain similar.



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