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Response to [Smart fabric, …] by Post and Orth


This 2-paged paper conveys an idea that everyday clothing can be empowered with computing capability without compromising their original properties such as the tactile and material feeling and the wash-and-wear convenience.

Metallic yarns have been woven into fabrics, mostly for decorative purposes. So clothing can be easily made conductible. Further, by mixing and varying different material, conductivity and resistance can be achieved and even programmable. Finally, we can even attach additional components to the fabric.

The paper also showcases the design of a wearable keyboard. This can be achieved by sewing together conductive and non-conductive fabric to make a row- and column-addressable structure. The press of keys can be detected as it causes the contact between conductors. It can also be implemented using capacitive sensing (which is the basis of most current touch surfaces).




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