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Response to [… whole body interaction] by England et al.


This paper raises the concept ‘whole body interaction’ – “the integrated capture and processing of human signals from physical, physiological, cognitive and emotional sources to generate feedback to those sources for interaction in a digital environment”. The idea is that our body is not sufficiently involved in existing interaction framework thus we are missing many opportunities such as tracking the elders’ physical activity to inform the risk of falling. The focus of this paper is to propose the beginning of an advanced framework for such whole body interaction.


The four disciplines involved in whole body interaction:

  • Physical
  • Physiological
  • Cognitive
  • Emotional


To me, whole body interaction is more like whole body sensing. The definition emphasizes a lot on where the feedback comes from. However, it is not clear, given such feedback, what interaction it is. Would it be any different? Would it make any difference?

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