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Response to [Your noise is my command: …] by Cohn et al.


This paper contributes a novel interaction opportunity of using our body as an antenna to receive electromagnetic noises from the environment. Experimented in a home setting, by using a simple analog-to-digital converter on the body, one can obtain a lot of information such as whether he is touching the wall, the location within the home, the touch positions (e.g., those surrounding a switch), etc. Besides these core findings, the paper also steps further to explore more fine-grained knowledge such as which hand and finger is touching the wall. Following this, the authors discuss their work, limitations, future work and potential applications.


  1. Core findings:
    • Wall touch;
    • Location in home;
    • Touch position on wall;
  2. Further explorations:
    • Body contact location (does not matter);
    • Appliance classification;
    • Number of hands;
    • Proximity to wall;
    • Continuous position along wall;
    • Interaction switch off (does not matter);
    • Number of fingers


  1. The Introduction offers a very concise and delicate review of current sensing and input technology in ubiquitous computing.
  2. “The human body as an antenna” section offers a very complete review of related work (not limited in HCI).
  3. Overall, the paper is very well written.
  4. A more detailed vision of its application:
    • Location-based: used on spatial memory;
    • Touch-point + number-of-hands == multi-touch interface;
    • Proximity-to-wall + telling-appliance == device-to-device/people-to-device proxemic interaction.

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