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Response to [Peephole: … ] by Yee


This paper describes an interaction concept where user can view a *fixed* larger view by moving the handheld device around – mimicking a peephole behavior. The paper articulates the concepts of this interface, the fundamental implementation details and its application scenarios.



  1. What is the problem? The screen is too small.
  2. What are the solutions?
    1. Borrow a larger display (e.g. Dominikus’s);
    2. Spatial manipulation (e.g. Peephole);
    3. Projecting the display (e.g. Cao et al.)
    4. Combining devices (e.g. Siftables)
    5. VR (e.g. NaviCam)
    6. Industrial design effort (e.g. next generation of Andriod).
  3. What really is the problem? We don’t really need to see that much content – it is context that we need. So enlarging the display is ‘doing too much’.
  4. The biggest critique: the lost of context
  5. What are the other applications of Peephole? Sometimes we don’t want to know the ‘big picture’, e.g. two people playing a ‘run & catch’ game using Peephole. Also, a natural extension would be combining Peephole with Virtual Shelves.

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