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Response to [Did you ever … – The power of Storytelling] by Ciella



“The first step in freeing ourselves from the tyranny of the desktop is to stop thinking of these interactions as tasks.” – “New interactions are much more than a collection of tasks or features; from an audience/viewer/user perspective, they are experiences”

“… three key components found in every story: a likable hero, an immersive setting, and a compelling script.”

  1. “A hero is someone we can design for and describe in great detail. Their name, age, where they live, what kind of car they drive…”
  2. “Next we place our hero in a specific setting, an element crucial for creating design concepts that are context-appropriate.
  3. “Lastly, we write a script, detailing how the events of the story will unfold”


What is Narrarive Arc: place the story line vertically and for each step detail it. Then we can capture the key detailed step in which we want to design to help our hero to get through that step.


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