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Response to [Leading with …] by Hargadon


This article talks about new roles for design more than an emphasized elite, but even the leaders that create new ventures.The author disagrees with the notion that design suffices to provide a piece of technology only. He gives the example of how the invention of light bulb propelled the popularity and development of electricity. Another example is how TiVo created the new venture that influentially expanded the piece of technology itself. On top of these cases, the author concludes three design principles that aim at proposing new ventures out of the design per se. The principles are: a grounding in contextual observation, an objective of human-centered frameworks, and a bias toward rapid prototyping.


1. The Design Elite and the Design Leaders

The Design Elite: “the newest members of the corporate inner circle”

The Design Leaders: “designers have moved into leadership roles in organizations”

2. Design Principles

Contextual Observation: “as a result, new ways of framing problems and new solutions can best emerge from the observation and understanding of those contexts.”

Human-Centered Frameworks. “Ultimately, design should be driven by the values of those who would adopt and use them.”

Prototyping. “This represents a bias toward a priority – on experimentation.”

3. Design Practices

Discovery: the focus is on developing a broader and deeper understanding of the problem space.

Synthesis: synthesis moves between improving solutions to known problems and identifying new ways of framing problems.

Delivery: these practices communicate the alternatives created by the synthesis process.

4. What is design leadership?

It’s about “changing the way people see the world – so that everyone’s attention, decisions, and actions move them in the same direction.” It’s about transiting from “having a seat” to “having a voice” to “defining the problems of the organization how they are to be discussed, and who’s involved in the discussion.”


Perspectives change when you think design as a leading aspect in a corporate or the motivation of creating new ventures.


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