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Response to [SixthSense …] and [WUW – …] by Mistry et al.


These two papers talk about the same piece of innovation – SixthSense, which is a wearable gestural interface. In this interface, a portable projector and camera are connected to mobile devices such as  a pendant cell phone. The camera can recognize users’ gestural input and the projector enables an output on any physical surface. With this interface, users are not confined to certain multi-touch or gesture-based devices or environment and instead have always-available interface by simply moving one’s hand and then perform certain tasks anywhere, any time. Typical usage scenarios include making a ‘frame’ posture to take a picture, moving close/apart hands to zoom in/out a map, drawing a ‘@’ symbol to send an email, etc.



  1. The three key properties of SixthSense:
    • It is portable and least intrusive;
    • It mirrors multi-touch and gesture-based interface;
    • It uses projector to make everything displayable.
  2. What is very related to BM:
    • drawing a magnifying glass retrieves a map, a ‘@’ symbol sends an email, a star queries the weather, etc. (similar to using body parts to retrieve information)
  3. Wearable computing reading [18, 19, 20]

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