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FAQs of Headphones

The following questions are NOT sorted.

1. What is dynamic headphone?

All headphones are either dynamic or electrostatic. For a dynamic headphone, electrical signal is transmitted to the a magnet in the headphone and causes the vibration of voice coil in the diaphragm structure, which in turns produce sound wave that goes into our eardrums.

2. What is a diaphragm?

A diaphragm is a kind of structure aiming at inter-convert sound and the other form of energy. Usually it is “a paper, fibrous or plastic cone-shaped object” [1].

3. What is elestrostatic headphone?

Electrostatic headphones usually require an amplifier to create an electric field which causes “air through perforations in sandwiched metal plates, surrounding a thin plastic membrane” [1].

4. Which one is better, dynamic or electrostatic?

Normally electrostatic headphones can produce sound with higher quality; however they are more expensive.

5. How many types of headphones are there?

Basically there are three main types of headphones, as shown in the following table:

Circumaural Supra-aural In-ear
Description Wrapping and surrounding the ears Sitting on top of the ears Being placed directly outside of the ear canal
Isolating noises Strongly —————————————————————-> Weakly
Size Big ——————————————————————–> Small
Weight Heavy ——————————————————————–> Light
Emerging time Early ——————————————————————–> Late


[1] http://www.wisegeek.com/what-are-dynamic-headphones.htm


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