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Response to [How I Learn …] by Becker


In this paper, the author told the story of how he learned a phenomenon featured by the word ‘Crock’. This phenomenon was discovered in the ‘clinical ‘ years of medical students in the University of Kansas Medical School in around 1955. The word ‘Crock’ refers to patients that presumably identify themselves as ‘sick’ and offer endless clinical information (most of which irrelevant or false) to medical students. The ‘Crock’ phenomenon refers to students’ reluctance in dealing with these ‘Crock’ patients and the reasons and process such reluctance emerges. Apart from this interesting phenomenon, what readers can learn from this paper is the author’s attitude of observation, including his keenness in following students (shadowing) to physical examinations and his sensitiveness in discovering the wording – ‘Crock’ and further discovered a sociological behavior – featured by the word ‘Crock’.


Good science is about observation. And you need to boldly follow up to seek for answers.

I believe this applies to any area.


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