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Response to [Range: Exploring …] by Ju et al.


This paper offers a critical and comprehensive insight into the design of implicit interaction. Under the two dimensions, namely ‘attentional demand’ and ‘initiative’, the authors discuss (non-exhaustively) three design issues: user reflection, system demonstration and override. In discussing these three issues, the authors offer their conceptual thinking about from where to where the design of system should transit on the two aforementioned dimensions and how. The thinking is illustrated through an electronic whiteboard design where the system can transit from display to drawing interface, make space for users as they approach and automatically cluster ink strokes while allowing user override to un-cluster them.


Design dimensions

  • attentional demand: background <-> foreground
  • initiative: reactive <-> proactive

Three design issues

  • User reflection: how the system indicates what it feels users are doing or would like to have done;
  • System demonstration: how the system shows the user what it is doing, or what it is going to do;
  • Override: allow users to repair misinterpretation of the user’s state, or to interrupt or stop the system from engaging in proactive action.


  • User reflection and system demonstration seem like two different ways to interpret the same thing: with one’s design, it is possible to apply such understanding or, in contrast, challenge it.
  • Given user study, the theory of this paper might be more convincing.

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