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Response to [The Challenge of …] by Plaisant

This paper stands on where there is already an accomplished visualization or tool. It tries to evaluate it in a pragmatic way to pull it to the realm  practical usage and contributions.


– Information visualization tools are reaching users

– Information visualization is “‘infiltrating ‘ main stream applications in subtle ways”

– Information visualization should be ready for the real users to use


– Matching tools with users, tasks and real problems.

A paradox between proposing a generalized, universal approach and tailoring it into specific domain of application. For example, biologists look for are looking for biology tools while researchers cannot offer a visualization tool that highly concentrates on biology only.

– Improving user testing

The design of user testing cannot fulfill the need in real application domain. For example, simple tasks are prevailing in testing process but might not make sense in application domain. Overall analysis might not be favored compared to individual analysis.

** Looking at the same data from different perspectives, over a long time (biologist examine large amount of data over a long period of time)

** Answering questions you didn’t know you had (find out something from visualization that you cannot see from raw data)

** Factoring in the chances of discovery and the benefits of awareness (relate decision-making process to the use of visualization)

– Addressing universal usability

About future directions

– Creating repositories of data and tasks

– Use case studies and learn from success stories

– Making the technique part of a toolkit

The deployment of information visualization requires bouncing between research and the realm of application. It is not replaceable  by conventional evaluation methods.


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