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Response to [A Knowledge Task-based…] by Amar et al.

This paper proposes a concept called ‘analytical gap’ denoting the gap between status quo system and the system to achieve. It also suggests that currently there are two gaps worth considering, namely, the Rationale Gap and the Worldview Gap.

  • Rationale Gap is the gap between “perceiving a relationship and actually being able to explain confidence in that relationship and the usefulness of that relationship”.
  • Worldview Gap is the gap between “what is being shown and what actually needs to be shown to draw a straightforward representational conclusion for making a decision”.

Based on these two gaps, the paper proposes the use of sub-tasks to bridge them. To resolve the Rationale Gap, the visualization needs to inform uncertainty of data, tell what a relationship is and infer the cause and effect of any perceivable phenomena. And to resolve the Worldview Gap, the visualization needs to determine which parameters are dominant, explain the phenomena based on multiple variables and enable hypotheses made by viewers.

One highly valuable application of this paper is using the 6 types of sub-tasks to frame our own work. Is your visualization able to

  1. expose uncertainty;
  2. concretize relationships;
  3. formulate cause and effect;
  4. determine domain parameters;
  5. conduct multivariate explanation and;
  6. confirm hypotheses?

As stated in the paper, these principles can be used twice, at the design stage and the evaluation stage.

Overall, this is a fairly abstract paper. We need to ‘read’ it in our own project.


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