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[26SEP2010] Came up with 2 proposals

For the project I came up with two proposals this week. One is about using Proximity to resolve routine office interruptions. The other is about using Proximity to enable cooperative work between multiple computers in a semi-fixed setting. Haven’t done any literature survey regarding the topics, I am not sure whether they are original enough.

Before Saul responds to the proposal (hopefully on Wednesday), I will keep brainstorming as if I will not have submitted the proposal tomorrow. As I always struggled to think of some ideas, I followed the problem-solution method. Either start thinking from the PROBLEM or start thinking from the SOLUTION. From the PROBLEM means I will try to find where we can utilize Proximity while from the SOLUTION means I will try to analyze Proximity itself and extend to some applications.

Another undeveloped idea is about using Proximity in ice breakers. Actually, the original research on Proxemics is about social relationship between people. However, it seems little research has been done in getting computer to get involved. So is about the two terms sociofugal and sociopetal. They are interesting social patterns and should be able to be digged something out.

I have always believed, the value of doing HCI research lies in using Computer to impact Human, or, in other words, let Computer make you feel more Human. I will include this spirit in the proposal.


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