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Is Color Quantitative and Ordered?

This article shows us some interesting finding about color. It analyzed the color component of different web-brands across the world and visualize them across a range of different colors. Judged from the crowdness, we see that success company brands mostly come from blue-area and red-area while the green, purple and gray areas are not that preferred.

I have some thoughts about this finding. Firstly, how do they measure the success of a web-brand? Based on what criteria are they selected? (For example, why is Blogspot there but not WordPress?) Secondly, the included brands are not differentiated. How about visualizing the ranking among them? And then I guess people tend to choose color on the two extremes – warm or cold. Somehow they weigh more in visual perception or are able to cause viewers’ positive emotions and so on. Last but not the least, will this help when you want to design the color of your new brand. Looking at this chart you probably will find somebody else running some similar business and much more successful than you. So will you be close to their brand color or stay away from it? I think that’s quite an interesting question.


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