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Upon Meeting Web 3.0

The idea of Web 3.0 mainly refers to a “smarter” web where the information is not only provided but also filtered, organized and presented so that users don’t have to experience a lot getting everything ready. For example, in conventional Web x.0, we need to find a good place to eat, figure out the location and transportation and maybe plan for the after-meal activity. But in Web 3.0, all these can be completed by typing “I want to go out eating and have fun  in the night” into your browser.

The idea sounds fantastic even though some people doubt the possibility of creating such a smart web. In my humble opinion, such a smart web is truly achievable (just a matter of time). But is this really what we want? I have some doubt about this.

I felt excited about Web 2.0. I even made a presentation about it in an oral English class. I remember I said the idea about Web 2.0 is that the web is a platform and users are supposed to contribute to this platform by sharing information, giving feedback, interacting with the others, etc. I thought this idea was fantastic. In Web 2.0, the web is like a stage whilst people put on their own dramas.

However, upon knowing Web 3.0, I didn’t feel excited. This saying of smart web maybe could be dated from the last century (even before there was something called World Wide Web). What’s new about it? And it seems that we have forgot Web 2.0 as well. Talking about Web 3.0, we regard the web as an omnipotent machine that can help us solve anything. I think at least we should take a close look at what we already have as Web 2.0, before we stretch out the idea of Web 3.0. That is to say, maybe we should base 3.0 on 2.0 e.g. enable such smartness on the platform with the participation of users.

This leads to another question: what would be Web 4.0, 5.0, …? How should the web be developed from generation to generation? In my humble opinion, firstly, Web x.0 should be adapted to changes: this is the part that we are not sure about. More importantly, I still quite appreciate what we have in Web 2.0, the fundamental idea of which is: web serves as tools or bridges or doors between people and what we deal with the web is fundamentally for a better interaction between people. I think this is something we should stick to in the future generations of web.


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