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Twitter: the Future of News?

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I read this news about KAIST’s research on Twitter. They say Twitter could be the future of news. The reason is: on Twitter people are closer to each other (connected through 4.2 people on average). And *retweet* could help spread the news effectively. I didn’t go into details of their research methodology and experiment.

This article caught my attention because I myself found it very difficult to get into Twitter. Firstly, I don’t have a community on Twitter, which I think is the fundamental of using such services. (Imagine you set up a *Twitter* on Mars: does it make any sense?) And secondly I really don’t want to bother opening another web page after Gmail and Facebook. I have had sufficient information with these two websites (also because I have no community on Twitter hence no incentives to go to it ). So, Twitter becoming the future of news looks quite impossible to me.

But not using Twitter is not the main reason. Even if I am into Twitter, the idea of receiving explosively increasing information is quite disturbing. I have always tried to avoid spending too much time on social networking website. And I don’t believe the capability of spreading information should be increased as much as possible. On the contrary, I think the future of news should be focused on how to effectively facilitate users with information, rather than spreading it to greater and greater extend. Twitter is powerful at connecting people and spreading information. But does it know how people feel about their using Twitter? Can it help those who are addicted to Twitter or those who do nothing after setting up an account? If someday Twitter could be capable as well as responsible for these questions, it would be the future, not just about news.


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