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Touch Screen vs. Keyboard

I have a very strong bias against touch screen. Firstly, I have trouble controlling the cursor, mouse or typing on virtual keyboard. And secondly, I think it lacks a sense of security – I feel like I would be always pushing something or wearing the phone out.

On the other hand, I love full keyboard. I am using a Blackberry 7290 (probably firstly produced 8 years ago) and the full keyboard offers me tremendous freedom in navigating between modules, texting and making phone calls.

In another article, the author thinks that people who types a lot would prefer keyboard while touch screen offers a larger screen for movies, camera and web browsing. It it true though. Touch screen or keyboard is a matter of personal preference and is not a life-death battle. I believe keyboard would still exist in years to come. In this poll, Blackberry fans are protesting against touch screen. And there is no people believing touch screen would dominate the future. This poll is biased of course (conducted in a Blackberry website) but we can see a trend of keyboard preference.

The reason I am talking about this is: I learned the news of Blackberry’s new pearl and I am so glad that it’s still keyboard (though Blackberry did produced some touch screens). I can’t wait having it!



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